3 Phase Electric Heater - 18KW

18Kw Electric Heater for Hire | Marquee Accessories | Fairytale Marquees | Available in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire


3 Phase Electric heater for small venues with a capacity of up to 60 guests.


The nickname for this heater is the red giant. Ironic considering its small size but it does pack a punch when it comes to heat output. Ideal for heating smaller marquees or even small venues (barns, halls etc) with a capacity of up to 60 guests over long periods. Being electric, it does not require topping up with fuel and is whisper quiet! The heater unit itself sits indoors and is controlled via a built in thermostat. It is configurable to draw either 9kw or 18kw depending on the source.

The heater can be supplied with a 4 or 5 pin 3 phase plug to suit most industrial/agricultural power connections.