Clear roof marquees

Our marquees can be clear throughout, or just part of the marquee combined with our drapes for maximum adaptability. A popular look is clear roofs over a large circular bar with fairy lights covering the ceiling and reception area with a white pvc lined roof over a dance floor , providing a perfect daytime/night time split. The clear gable triangles and panoramic windows allow the clear theme to run throughout the whole marquee, and with the windows being easily rolled up the marquee quickly feels like you are sitting in the garden itself.



What is a clear marquee?

A clear marquee is a marquee fitted with all clear covers, including roofs, gable triangles and windows

Why use a clear roof marquee?

A Clear marquee helps to bring the outs doors in. Maximising the view of the local surroundings.

How much does it cost to hire a marquee?

Clear marquees do work out a little more expensive than their draped counterpart due to the longevity of the covers compared to the white translucent covers