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For parties, weddings, corporate events and Christmas shindigs, a marquee floor is an essential part of the event. Sometimes overlooked dues to its 'behind the scenes' nature, a good floor will really make the difference to your guests' experience. Our range of floors are perfectly positioned in the market to fit almost any budget. Take a look below!  

Which marquee flooring should i choose?

Our flooring range is carefully thought out to offer every customer a flooring option within their budget. Each of the floors we offer has its own benefit and specific application. 

  • Cassette Floor - Our flag ship floor and most commonly found at corporate events. This floor is suitable only for our range of clear span frame marquees and is a must where gradients and undulations need to be removed altogether. The floor is integral to the structure, so there are no gaps where the floor finishes and the marquee wall. 
  • Interlocking boarded wooden floor - This floor is by far our most popular choice and found at weddings and parties where a firm feel underfoot is required. This floor is firm underfoot, making it suitable for high heel wearers, and can iron out potholes. It does not take out gradients or large undulations. This product should not be confused with its inferior plastic floor counterpart which is much less sturdy due to its smaller tile size. 
  • Polyprop Matting - This floor is our most cost effective solution. Its thick weave and natural colours mean it lends itself perfectly to the rustic wedding. It is made from a modern composite meaning it can be washed and reused. Which is great for the environment and our clients bank balance! This matting is laid striaght to the grass with a polyethene sheet underneath. It needs to be laid on a flat lawn with short grass for the best finish. 

Are marquee floors level?

If you need a levelled marquee floor for you structure.....or even temporary ice rink...... then look no further than our range of cassette floors or steel sub floors. Laid expertly by our experienced team to iron out undulations and level off gradients. Their modular nature, like our tents, means that they can be built to any size. 

Does a marquee need flooring?

This depends on the applications and surface. But for most parties, weddings, hospitality functions, held on grass surfaces, the answer would be and emphatic yes. High footfall on grassed surfaces can lead to muddy conditions or damaged grass. Any of our flooring options is designed to help alleviate this. 

How much is marquee flooring to hire?

Marquee flooring is priced by the square meter and depends on the option you choose above. Please get in touch today to speak to and expert who will happily provide you with a hassle free quote.