Entrance porch - 6Mx6M Chinese hat roof

6mx6m Pagoda Marquee for Hire | Fairytale Marquees | Available in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire


A great choice of entrance for large volumes of guests or to create a little extra space. Features a peaked roof to create an eye-catching entrance.


This entrance porch, with peaked roof, is suitable for large events where a high volume of guests will access the main structure or, indeed, for smaller events where it can be used as bar/soft seating space. An entrance porch alleviates any rainwater run off from gathering near the access and egress points. It provides a flat gable to enter/exit through and sends any run off out to the sides.

The entrance porch is finished in brilliant white fabric and will come decorated to match the main structure (flooring, drapes etc).